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The Aztecs not only enjoyed chocolate as a food, but they had what other use for it?
Money.  In the 16th century, one turkey was worth 200 cacao seeds;  a taco just one seed.
You can make butter from the milk of cows, sheep, goats, yaks and many other animals, but NOT what other 4-footed quadrupeds?
Camels.  The fat globules in their milk are just too small.
What is the first food that was grown in outer space?
Potatoes. In 1995, the Columbia space shuttle took along some potato plants.
What is Oklahoma’s official state vegetable?
Watermelon, yes, watermelon.
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2017 “Sophie Altman Coach of the Year Award"

We salute the 2017 Sophie Altman Coaches of the Year:

  • Washington — Dr. David Goodrich, Rockville High School
  • Baltimore — Jennifer Meehan,  Towson High School

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