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What major food business began in 1978 in a renovated Vermont gas station?
Ben and Jerry’s.  They opened their first ice cream shop after they took a $5 correspondence course in ice-cream making.
During the Civil War, General Grant once cabled the War Department saying “I will not move my army without...”  what food?
Onions.  Gen. Grant felt they had major health benefits for his troops.  And he did get an immediate onion shipment.
A 1935 Wisconsin law required restaurants to serve what food with every meal?
A little bit of butter and cheese.  Wisconsin is, after all, the “Dairy State.”
Each year, the average American consumes 10 to 12 pounds of what food?
Chocolate.  The Swiss eat almost twice as much.
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2017 “Sophie Altman Coach of the Year Award"

To honor the memory of IT'S ACADEMIC's creator and long-time producer, Sophie Altman, Giant Food is presenting the 2017 “Sophie Altman Coach of the Year Award.” This Award is intended as a tribute to all IT'S ACADEMIC coaches for whom Sophie Altman had so much respect.

To nominate your school’s IT'S ACADEMIC coach, just send us an e-mail telling us why you would like to honor your coach. Length is optional, and coaches may be nominated by individuals or by groups, as long as those making the nominations are members of the school community.

The email address for award nominations is itsacademicaward@aol.com.

  • Deadline for nominations is March 31, 2017

The winner will be announced on the championship show in June.

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