3 students holding up signs thanking Giant Food

Giant Food

Giant Food has sponsored It's Academic for over 40 years! During that time, Giant has given over 3 million dollars in scholarship funds to participating schools. Giant sponsors It's Academic in Washington on NBC4, in Baltimore on WJZ-TV, and in Central Virginia, on WVIR-NBC29.

Other Sponsors

Morgan State University joins Giant as a sponsor in Baltimore at WJZ-TV. In Washington, student contestants receive movie tickets from Regal Entertainment Group. Playoff teams are given tickets to Washington Nationals’ baseball games. In Baltimore, all first round and playoff teams are awarded tickets to Baltimore Orioles’ baseball games.

In Pittsburgh, It's Academic is taped under the name "Hometown High-Q" and airs on KDKA-TV. Its sponsors are Williams and Indiana University of Pennsylvania. In Cleveland, It's Academic is taped under the name Academic Challenge and airs on WEWS. Its sponsor is Nordson.